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See What Your Results Will Look Like Before Surgery with the Vectra 3-D Face Sculptor

Vectra 3D before image(left) and Vectra 3D after image (right) are used for the following procedures: rhinoplasty, chin, & cheek augmentation.

Three Dimensional Face and Neck Imaging with Vectra 3-D Face Sculptor

When contemplating procedures to reshape the nose, cheeks, chin and jawline it is natural to wonder what you might look like afterwards.  That concern is now easier than ever to address with new technology available in our downtown Sarasota office.  Dr. Holcomb and Dr. Salzman now have the ability to simulate the outcome of chin enhancement, facial contouring (adding and/or removing volume from the midface and/or jawline), neck contouring and nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) using Vectra Face Sculptor – a state-of-the-art 3-D modeling system.

woman standing on a machine

The Face Sculptor allows your plastic surgeon to reshape your physical features to simulate your new anticipated appearance after various procedures. Convenient viewing tools allow you to zoom in for a closer look, view the result from all angles and compare multiple scenarios side by side, for example, a rhinoplasty with or without a chin implant.

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