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Read real patient reviews and success stories from past clients of Holcomb - Kreithen Plastic Surgery.

J. David Holcomb, M.D.

Great Experience and Results
Recently I had a TRL full face mini peel procedure done by Dr. Holcomb and his team. I couldn’t be more pleased. I felt pampered from the first moment I w...READ MORE
I finally have the complexion that I've dreamed of all my life!
Dr. Holcomb is the best of the best. Both my husband and I have sought his expert services. Thanks to his magical hands, we can both look in the mirror...READ MORE
Natural Looking Result
Dr. Holcomb performed a lower facelift with neck tuck 9 1/2 months ago. I waited until I saw the final result to do this review. I was able to be out and...READ MORE
Disclaimer: Reviews shown here are curated from RealSelf. Results and patient experience may vary.

Joshua Kreithen, M.D.

Finally, A Doctor That Truly Cares
Dr. Kreithen Is the best doctor I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. He is so kind and truly cares about his patients. He takes time to understand e...READ MORE
I Should Have Done This Years Ago!
I came to Dr Kreithan 2 years ago for a breast reduction. At the time I was 60 years old and struggling with the pain associated with having large breasts...READ MORE
My confidence is back and I owe it all to Dr. Kreithen and his staff
I came in so nervous, Dr. Kreithen made the entire experience comfortable and professional! My confidence is back and I owe it all to Dr. Kreithen and his...READ MORE
Disclaimer: Reviews shown here are curated from RealSelf. Results and patient experience may vary.

It is without saying that Dr. Holcomb's staff is par excellence. You are greeted with respect and professionalism. Personally of utmost importance was to trust my face to a Doctor that was as much of a perfectionist as I. Numerous post op visits are a testament to Dr. Holcomb's adherence to making sure Doctor and patient are completely satisfied. Not only did Dr. Holcomb deliver my expectations, but his meticulous precision resulted in an outcome that not only pleased me as his patient but also reflected the outcome of his artistic expertise. I highly recommend Dr. Holcomb without reservations.

I am 2 1/2 weeks post op and could not be happier!! From consultation to post op appointments the staff and Dr. Kreithen have been amazing. Staff is always available to speak to you when you have questions, his bedside manner is amazing and everyone there is pleasant and accommodating. I have been pain-free and this experience has been seamless. If I ever consider any treatment or surgery again it will definitely be at this office!

I have had an astounding experience with Dr.Kreithen! From the beginning, he was very knowledgeable and informative. Throughout the entire process, they were easily available to contact with any questions I may have had. Their office is located in a very nice area with their own parking garage right next door making it very convenient upon arrival of each appointment. The results he gave me well exceeded my expectations and I could not be more pleased!

Dr. Kreithen gave me an arm lift in June. I am so pleased with the results. The surgery went well and was almost pain free. The office staff is wonderful and caring. I highly recommend this procedure…and Dr. Kreithen. The scar is fading and flat and will almost disappear. Thank you so much Dr. Kreithen.

Dr. Kreithen and everyone on his staff was amazing throughout my entire process. I had a lower body lift and LOVE the results. I did have some minor issues being allergic to medication but always felt so taken care of by him and the team. Always available for a call for questions or a last minute appointment to see me. There was no question in my mind who I would go to for the other procedures I want.

Dr. Kreithen had a great bedside manner. He is great at what he does. My BA was beautifully done and his team was awesome.

Dr Kreithen did a fantastic job on my breasts. I am an older woman that had implants from 10 years ago. It was embarrassing for me at my current age to request new ones. I'm so glad I did. Dr. Kreithen assured me it was a small officeProcedure and it was. I was virtually pain free and look and feel much better. The symmetry is much improved and the texture is soft and supple. Thank you Dr Kreithen. The old implants had hardened.

Dr Kreithen spotted something from a prior MRI done in 2017 & 2019. He basically has saved my life. Having had breast implants for 32 years and suffering fibromyalgia for the past 15 yrs the decision was made to explant. Dr Kreithen also did what is called Enbloc. He is a true artist and perfectionist . I had a revision a few months later for extra skin removal . From consultation, Kristine coordinator, to entire staff and surgical staff I was treated like a family member. Trust is important when choosing your plastic surgeon. There is no doubt you can put your surgical needs in Dr Kreithens hands . I am now 6 months post op and feel the best I have felt in years. Thank you to Dr Kreithen and his entire staff.

Dr. Holcomb is a gifted surgeon who will make you look your best. I've had 3 procedures and am delighted with all 3. I especially have to commend his staff... Lauren and Leslie at the front desk are extremely knowledgeable on all the procedures, professional and always pleasant during your visit. Becki, the scheduler, is on top of her game, super knowledgeable and professional as well. All of the staff at the office have been a true pleasure during my many visits.

Doctor Kreithen and his staff are the absolute BEST. Caring, friendly, efficient, and my surgery outcome is the best. After surgery I had ZERO pain, recovery was easy, follow ups are great, and very informative. I HIGHLY recommend HOLCOMB KREITHEN PLASTIC SURGERY

If I could give a 10 star rating i sure would. I had both Dr Kreithan and Dr Holcolm did procedures on me in march. Dr Kreithen LISTENED TO my husband and me and HEARD us. This was my 4th procedure for the same thing and HE GOT IT. I have not had one pain or swelling, as a matter of fact I have to remember that i had had something done there. He has a great bed side manner, very caring and open to hear anything you have to say or ask. I am so incredibly happy , FINALLY. Dr Holcomb did my lower face lift and lower lids. I am a work in progress but so thrilled with the look I have already. He is gentle and very caring. He treats you like you are a friend , but also very professional and gets down to business to make sure you are healing on target. Of course the week of my surgery covid 19 makes its way into our everyday lives, this office certainly did not let you feel anxious about the outside world, they treated me like i was the only one that mattered at that moment. Once my stitches were out all of the appointments had to be canceled (understandably) if I had any questions or concerns (which anyone who just had surgery would) They called me, emailed me, kept in touch with me and made me feel so at ease. I went back for a check this past week and all is FABULOUS. I cant say enough about this office, I am a KEEPER.

They say breast reduction patients are among the happiest of plastic surgery patients. I am very happy with my decision to go with Holcomb Plastic Surgery. I am pleased with the healing and outcome! Dr. Kreithen is a highly qualified plastic surgeon. The surgery itself usually takes two to four hours. I woke up with no pain and was given detailed instruction & medication for healing properly. I am a small person (5ft). My breast size ranged 34DD- 34DDD. I was reduced to size 32/34C, size small. My new breast are now proportioned to my height and body. My clothes fit me better, and I have much less back and shoulder pain. It has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Dr. Kreithen at Holcomb Plastic Surgery is the place to go for comfort, quality, and professionalism.

My daughter who had her breast done by Dr. Kreithen told me to go to him for the type of surgeries I was wanting to have done. He did a beautiful job with her breast implants. I had both a Mastopexy and an Abdominoplasty surgeries done by Dr. Kreithen. My breast were reduced and lifted and I had a tummy tuck. I had both surgeries done at the same time in late April 2019 and I LOVE the outcome of both surgeries. Dr. Kreithen was professional and answered any questions I had about both of my surgeries. Dr. Kreithen's staff was professional and so helpful when answering any questions and concerns I had. It has been three months since the surgeries and I am still amazed at how both surgeries changed my body. My stomach is smooth and flat and Dr. Kreithen gave me a beautiful belly button. My breast now are a perfect size for me. Dr. Kreithen is truly a masterful plastic surgeon.

Had BA in 12/2017 and decided on Dr Kreithen. I had been planning on BA for 7-8yrs , had a couple of consultations with others , but just did not feel 100% about the surgeons I saw. After meeting the staff and this Dr., I decided to go through with the procedure. Also, received great feedback and recommendations from others, he was the most recommended. I'm so glad I did, 8 months later, I'm more than happy with my results. I've recommended to a friend who lives out state, who lol, is as picky as I am.

I found all the staff very professional, kind, and helpful which is a big plus . I have no negative feedback which is why I give 5+ stars

Dr. Holcomb is an incredible rhinoplasty surgeon. I'm at about 9 months post op, so pretty much all of the swelling is gone, and I could not be more happy. I'm sure most people don't want to tell anyone when they've had a rhinoplasty but I'm so happy with it, I want everyone to see the before and after. It truly is an art and Dr. Holcomb is an incredible artist. So incredibly satisfied!

I have only had positive experiences within this office, having utilized all the different services that they offer. Dr. Kreithen is a very skilled and caring surgeon. I first saw him in 2003, and was very pleased with my results. I've had facials/skincare appt's, injections with Kim Daly who is a true master at what she does, Ultherapy in 2015 with amazing results, so much so that I have another appt for it set up. The staff from front reception area to back, are all friendly, courteous and helpful. Care Credit is also available, so everyone can take advantage of having the best board certified surgeons, and staff available in the Sarasota area.

Dr. Holcomb is the only one I let do my Botox. I have a short forehead, which can be difficult to do with an untrained provider. The entire office is professional and polite. Would recommend seeing any provider in the office!

Truly the most professional and skilled plastic surgery practice in the area! Truly everything you would ever want in a doctor. I had a tummy tuck with Dr. Kreithen and LOVE my results! Dr Holcomb, Marisol, Kathleen and Kim keep my face looking youthful! Love this team!

I recently had eyelid surgery and laser treatment under my eyes done by Dr. Holcomb. Dr. Holcomb is very professional and friendly. He always asked if there were any questions or concerns that I had at my follow up appointments. I love my results! All the nurses, front office, and surgical support staff are very professional and make you feel very well taken care of. I would totally recommend Dr. Holcomb to any of my friends and family. Also a special thanks to Tina and Jackie who took such good care of me and always made me feel comfortable. Also thanks to All the consulting staff for being so welcoming.

Dr Kreithen has been doing my Botox for about five years, I would never ever consider going to see another doctor. He is masterful at what he does! Always uses only a limited amount to achieve the perfect result, i don't even need numbing cream because he is so gentle.

I had a breast reduction completed by Dr. Kreithen, in January. Before surgery I stopped drinking heavily on coffee. I cut back to drinking 1/2 cup to a cup of coffee a day for almost 2 months before surgery. The caffeine helps(ed) reduce the cysts in the breast. I'm not a drinker for alcohol, and a non smoker. Post surgery the one thing that hurt the most was my buttocks. It's because the OR table is long and narrow, so make sure when your recovering you have a pillow or a donut to sit on. My chest was sore but tolerable. I was swollen for 2 months. Post surgery the things I noticed right away was, no migraines, no neck, back, or shoulder pain. I was back to physical exercise in 2 weeks. I went back to work 3 weeks after surgery, no heavy lifting took about 2 months. You will want to sleep in a recliner for about a week. Make sure to take the nausea pills before surgery. Dr Kreithen, puts you at the correct size that he discussed before surgery. I went from a G-H down to a D. Dr. Kreithen has great bedside manner.

Dr Holcomb is an excellent surgeon I had a facelift and laser skin resurfacing. I feel 10 years younger and am very pleased with the result

Dr Kreithen gets my best recommendation for anyone looking for a talented plastic surgeon. Very happy with the results of my procedure. He knows what he is doing and I am a happy patient.

My experience with Dr. Kreithen was amazing. I originally made two consultation appointments with different doctors to shop around but after my first appointment with Holcomb & Kreithen I cancelled my other appointment. I knew immediately this was the right place for me. Kristine, the surgery consultant contacted me first and set up an appointment. She was amazing through this whole process. I felt like every staff member I dealt with was professional and friendly. Every appointment I had was on time I also never felt rushed. I am extremely pleased with my results and would highly recommend Holcomb & Kreithen!

Dr. Kreithen is amazing. I saw him for Botox and he did a great job. He is an artist with the needles so I felt no pain. I had no bruising and all my wrinkles were blurred away. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking into injectables but doesn't want pain or discomfort. He will make you look beautiful without the pain!

Dr. Holcombe and his staff are the best. I had a very positive experience and I'm thrilled with the results of my procedures.

Dr Kreithen did an amazing job on my tummy tuck! I absolutely love the results. The office is clean and beautiful, all the staff have been so kind and respectful, and follow up care has been great. If I needed anything they were right there to help me, and always made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend him! Thank you Dr Kreithen!!

I am so thrilled with the results. it helps with The helium plasma laser procedure took away years of smoking and sun, damage, The staff and everybody in the office went beyond to make me feel comfortable and do the follow up. I would recommend Dr. Holcomb highly to anyone.

After contemplating breast augmentation for years, I couldn't be more happier with my decision to choose the best Doctor in the Sarasota area, Dr. Kreithen. My new gals are perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Dr. Kreithen is an incredible surgeon and the staff that work along side him are just as incredible. I went to him to see if he could fix some awful scars on my breasts from a previous surgery done by a different doctor. The scars were the result of difficult recovery from an extensive surgery. I waited 2 years to have the scars addressed and I wasn't able to get into contact with my previous surgeon (long and frustrating story), so I researched surgeons in the Tampa Bay area, and that's when I found Dr. Kreithen at his Sarasota location. From the minute he walked into the consultation room he was professional and kind, and never made me feel like he was promising results that were impossible to achieve. That was comforting to me because there is no such thing as scar removal, only improvement in the appearance of a scar and I didn't want a surgeon to promise me perfection to only be left disappointed. After discussing things with my husband, we decided to move forward and had the procedure scheduled for the first week of June. Every step of this process was enjoyable, including the surgery. I had nearly zero pain, the nurses and techs made me feel like a queen, and all of my follow up appointments have been wonderful. I have never felt anything but absolute care for my wellbeing and outcome, from Dr. Kreithen and his staff. Now the scars, lets just say they look absolutely beautiful! He really worked a miracle and he exceeded any kind of expectations I could have ever had, and I am only 2 months into my recovery, I can't wait to see what my scars look like in 6 months. I am beyond elated with my results, and Dr. Kreithen's skilled hands. I can not recommend him enough..... AMAZING!!!!

My original breast augmentation was performed by Dr.kreithen approximate 12 years ago. I wanted to increase my size and also get the newest implants. I am beyond happy with my end results. Dr.Kreithen's bed site manners and artistic ability never ceases to amaze me! The staff is always available to answer my questions and address my needs. I love my my plastic surgeon !!!!

I would highly recommend Dr. Kreithen to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery he is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to your concerns I had a great experience!

Dr Holcomb is AWESOME! I was very afraid to have anything done to my face, but, Dr Holcomb not only reassured me, his results are amazing!! I couldn't be more pleased and I would never have anyone else touch my face.

Dr. Kreithen is the BEST! I had a Panniculectomy because I lost over 300lbs and am so impressed with the surgery. Dr. Kreithen always answers all of my questions and always makes sure I am taken care of. His nurses Zariah and Morgan are great! Kristine and Joy are always pleasant as well. I am so happy and gratified with choosing Dr. Kreithen and Holcomb-Kreithen Plastic Surgery. If you are looking to have any cosmetic surgery I would definitely 110% would recommend Holcomb-Kreithen, especially Dr. Kreithen. A humongous thank you to Dr. Kreithen, Nurses, and Staff!

I had a mommy make over, (breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction on upper thighs) in August of this year. I am extremely impressed with the results, and I am hoping to have a couple more things done by Dr. Kreithen in the coming year. From the first consultation with Christine and Dr. Kreithen, to the end & z wave treatments with Katie... I feel very GRATEFUL that my friend and client recommended Dr. Kreithen! He did such a fabulous job!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!! Anna

Dr Kreithen came highly recommended to me as the breast expert in Sarasota/Bradenton area. I visited other surgeons but after meeting with him I felt he was the one I wanted to do my breast augmentation with. I had several friends that had surgery with Dr. Kreithen and they are all very pleased. I felt the consult was very informative and knew when I decided to go with Dr. Kreithen that I wasn't making a mistake. I am extremely pleased with my surgery outcome and highly recommend Dr. Kreithen to anyone seeking any body plastic surgery. Thank you Dr.Kreithen!

Dr. Kreithen did a great job with my thigh lift. My thighs bothered me for many years and it's amazing to see all that extra skin finally gone. I was a little apprehensive about the whole procedure, specially the scar, which I was well informed about it. I'm very happy with the results. It has been two months and I'm still applying scar cream and tapes to get the best result possible. I can see the scar getting thinner and clearer every week. Additionally, Dr. Kreithen did flank and back areas liposuction with laser skin tightening. My back is nice and smooth. I'm very happy with the results as well. Dr. Kreithen is very professional, listens to your concerns, answers your questions and has great bedside manners. I definitely made the right choice picking him as my surgeon.

Dr Kreithen is the best. I had a breast reduction and I am so pleased. He is an amazing artist and surgeon!

Had an incredible experience! Dr kreithen is a true magician and artist. Dr Kreithen listened to what I was looking for and gave me the best results I wanted or even dreamed of . His staff is amazing and they all make you feel so welcome and beautiful. This office has such a great positive atmosphere and would recommend my friends and family without hesitation.

Plastic surgery can be intimidating... none the less the whole experience can be. After extensive research, and consulting with several Plastic Surgeons in the area, I chose to come to Holcomb Kreithen. I looked at reviews, I read about the procedure I was interested in, and I consulted with friends and family about their experiences, and with all that research and time spent, I AM SO HAPPY I CHOSE Dr. Holcomb as my surgeon. From the first appointment (consultation) Dr. Holcomb was genuine, caring, and educational. He's very knowledgeable in his field (I quizzed him a lot), and care about the outcome of the procedure. My surgery day was flawless. The staff/nurses are kind, the office is clean, and the overall experience exceeded my expectations. I was extremely nervous about having work done on my face (I mean, HELLO its your face!) but I'm glad Dr. Holcomb is the one that did it. My results are phenomenal, the follow up care has been amazing, and overall this has been the best experience for someone who is new to the plastic surgery world.

I would highly recommend this practice to anyone interested in facial plastic surgery. I will be a life long patient and am very happy I found this place!

I had a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty done by Doctor Holcomb 3 months ago. I had 2 deviated septum surgeries in the past to help me breathe. Both times didn't work. I came to Holcomb plastic surgery because I did my research and they were highly rated and recommend. As soon as I walked in the office I was treated so nicely. All the staff and nurses are very professional and friendly. Doctor Holcomb did a thorough examination. My nose had become so crooked I would never want to be in any pictures. The day of surgery I was so nervous but Doctor Holcomb was at my side the entire time calming me down and making me feel very comfortable. After surgery he took such good care of me and made sure everything was correct and that I was in no pain. Within 2 weeks I could breathe. Now at night time I don't wake up with dry mouth. He perfected my nose so beautifully that I love being in pictures now and I feel more beautiful then ever! I recommend him to anyone who wants a wonderful place with amazing and very professional people! Thank you Doctor Holcomb, you've changed my life forever.

Dr K is the most amazing talented surgeon in all of SRQ!! If you want quality he takes the time and effort to attend to all of your needs. He did my breast augmentation and continual fillers/botox. He will go out of his way to make sure nothing jeopardizes your health. He is a perfectionist when it comes to the body. I had little scarring and my fillers are perfectly proportional to my face. The office is beautiful, classy, private, and clean. They take pride in this practice and it shows! I highly suggest you take the time to stop by and see for yourself. His reputation in town and results always proves anyone wrong that says otherwise. Dr K is a life changer.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kreithen for about five years. I have had multiple surgeries with him, and definitely recommend him as a surgeon. He listens to your concerns before and after the surgery, and always gets back to you in a timely manner. Feeling confident and comfortable in my body after three children is a great feeling!

Cutting edge treatments performed by a professional and friendly staff. One stop shopping with well trained esthetician's and lasers that make a beautiful difference. Dr. Holcomb who does faces and Dr. Kreithen who does body work will transform you into your best self. Noninvasive treatments as well as surgical options are available.

Dr kreithen and staff are so friendly and they make every experience amazing exciting and preform amazing work with great/amazing results! I recommend him to everyone thank you!! Had breast augmentationMini tummy tuck and lipo to back n hips

About three weeks ago I had breast augmentation with Dr. Kreithen. The entire experience from the moment I walked in was amazing. The doctor and staff made me feel very comfortable! Very knowledgeable about all my questions and concerns. I've never had any form of surgery before. I wasn't scared or nervous at all due to how comfortable they all made me feel. I was expecting to have a lot of pain afterwards, but surprisingly my healing process has been great! The results are amazing! I highly recommend Dr. Kreithen!

Dr. Kreithen is very attentive to your requests. Dr. Kreithen is skillful in breast augmentation. I was very pleased with my results! Highly recommend him!

The doctors are amazing at what they do and truly care for their patients. They take the time to listen and explain the procedures as well as the outcome.

I can't say enough about my experience with Dr. Kreithen. Him himself all the office staff were absolutely amazing! Everyone was very thorough with explaining my procedures. Any questions I had somebody was able to answer at any point. JKristine and Sherry just to name a few. They walked me through every step beginning to end. Absolutely loved the staff!

I am quite impressed with Dr Holcomb,his staff,and the total office experience before,during and after my procedure. Dr Holcomb is an excellent physician and has an excellent bedside manner with the patient follow up...Start here with your procedure inquiries...you will be quite satisfied...

Experience was extremely important to me as well the follow up process when searching for a physician. I've been a patient for many years of Dr. Holcomb and I knew that when choosing him to perform my surgery that he would both provide the experience and care I needed for the best results. The office staff and providers are overall kind, professional and helpful and I couldn't have asked for a best experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Holcomb to my friends and family.

I had a breast reduction and lift done July 1,2018 by the very talented Dr. Kreithen. I can't say enough great things about my experience. The entire staff was wonderful and so helpful. My results were beyond fabulous. Had absolutely zero pain and my healing was perfect. I would highly recommend them!!

Dr. Holcomb is an amazing doctor. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly. I felt very comfortable with him doing my face lift. He didn't try to "sell me" on anything extra. He explained the procedure and what was to be done and what to expect. He didn't promise me unrealistic results. The procedure was done well and I feel 10 years younger. My self esteem is up!! The recovery time was long and hard for me but it was explained from the start so there were no surprises.

I have visited a few different plastic surgeons and I am so thankful that I chose Dr. Holcomb. The price was reasonable. I definitely recommend everyone to come to Dr. Holcomb's office! The staff is great too! Very warm and welcoming.

Dr Kreithen is truly an artist! My consult with him made me confident he would give me the look I wanted and I booked my surgery with him right away! He transformed my deflated D breasts into full, round amazing looking DDs! I used to be embarrassed in any sort of low cut shirt/ bikini top, but I definitely have the confidence to rock anything! Not only is Dr. Kreithen amazing, his staff is the best around. I never waited past my appointment time. Everyone in the office is kind and they listen if you have any concerns. I could not be happier with my choice to go with Dr. Kreithen!

I have lived in this area for 20 years and wished I would have gone to see Dr. Holcomb sooner! Absolutely the best plastic surgeon in this area!! Bedside manner,, over the top. I have had Botox and filler that was spot on. My husband had his blepharoplasty done with Dr. Holcomb and looks fantastic. The staff is superb, caring and professional. Also, skin care options are the best. Do not hesitate to have your aesthetic services handled by the office. You will not be disappointed.

Absolutely wonderful experience. Dr. Kreithen has a eye for beauty, and the ability to make you look and feel that way. I am so happy and pleased with my results. Dr. Kreithen is a true artist in breast, body contouring. I experience slight pain in recovery with tiny tiny scarring from a breast augmentation and areolar revision. Dr. Kreithen and his staff are the only ones I would recommend for any procedures.

I needed a breast lift and implants but I never had any type of surgery before. I am very active and I was worried that I would end up with breasts that were too large. I was very hesitant and I had many consultations in my area. I met a woman at my gym who had a total breast reconstruction, that looked fabulous, and she highly recommended Dr. Kreithen. I went in for a consultation and I knew he was the doctor for me. He listened to my needs, addressed all concerns and made me feel at ease. The scheduling was very convenient and the procedure was pain free and a very positive experience. Dr. Kreithen stays in close contact with his patients and follows-up frequently. I am extremely pleased with the results and I highly recommend Dr. Kreithen, he is the best!!

I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor. After having right mastectomy and 22 weeks of chemotherapy in 2013, Dr. Kreithen performed bilateral breast reconstruction with silicone implants. It is never an easy surgery to perform with good results, after mastectomies. But my result is excellent and symmetrical, and a perfect size for my body. Dr. K even performed right nipple-areolar complex reconstruction, which turned out well also. Four years later, though the most important thing is that i am alive!, I continue to be happy with my appearance. Dr. Kreithen, besides being a great surgeon, was kind and concerned and compassionate during the ordeal I was going through.

I considered breast augmentation for many years but was hesitant to proceed due to fear of unpredictable results. Being a medical provider, I researched plastics surgeons throughout the country, compared before and after photos, learned about implants ( brands, sizes, profiles, etc...), and became familiar with the process prior to consultations. I am very happy to have chosen Dr. Kreithen as my doctor. From the consultation to every post-op appointment, I felt comfortable and like the whole team was looking out for my best interest; every question was answered, every detail reviewed. I felt very safe and at peace the day of surgery. The nursing staff and anesthesia provider are all extremely competent and sweet! I look back on my surgery day as seamless. The post-op process has been well-structured and easy to follow. I stopped taking pain medication after a few days and returned to work after 10 days (with lifting limitations). Now that I am healed and without restrictions I feel so happy and ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY RESULTS!!! I finally love the way I look in the mirror and in clothes! My breasts are symmetrical and the perfect size for me. Thank you Dr. Kreithen and team!!!

I went in for a consultation to see what my options were for reducing the fat under my chin. I did not want anything injected, and I did not want to go under the knife. Kimberly was amazing. She listened to me and heard what I was saying. She introduced me to the cool sculpt procedure which is what I chose. Though it can take up to 3 or 4 months for the final results, I was amazed what a difference it made within the first several weeks! She took several photos to track my progress. AMAZING results! I am so happy and highly recommend Kimberly and this procedure.

WOW! What a great experience I had at Dr. Holcomb's office. The staff was friendly, kind and knowledgable. without hesitation I would recommend this office. Marisol Schultheis the physician assistant was a pleasure. Great bed side manner.

My wife had an incredible experience here. I would highly recommend them.

Kim Daily performed both Ultherapy and Halo laser treatment for me last month. At age 45, I was looking for something other than fillers to freshen up my look. Kim Daily took the time to explain both procedures to me in their entirety. She also described in detail what I could expect post-procedure. Her knowledge, patience and willingness to answer questions really won me over, and I felt confident I was in good hands. Now, one month post-procedure, I am absolutely thrilled with my results and the care I received from Kim Daily and all the office staff as well. I feel at home at Holcomb-Kreithen MedSpa and I am now planning my next treatments. Thank you so much for the wonderful care and for helping me feel my best!

I saw Dr. Kreithen for injectables. I am very happy with my results! He is a true artist. I had no pain or bruising and I look fabulous!

There is a quote that says "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" and I wholeheartedly believe that to be true. This is especially true when it comes to the first impression of a physician because of the level of personal trust and faith that one must place in that doctor's hands. I met Dr. Kreithen approximately 5 years ago and immediately felt that I had met someone I could trust. In this field of medicine, trust is critical. Dr. Kreithen has shown nothing but honesty, patience and encouragement. He has an artist's eye and does not merely hear, but takes the time to listen and understand. As a woman placing my appearance in the hands of another, I have had nothing but complete confidence in Dr. Kreithen. From something as simple as skin care to the components of invasive surgery, Dr. Kreithen has shown true professionalism, genuine care and consistently exhibits the behaviors of a friend more than that of a physician with his bedside manner. I am blessed to have the ability to be a patient in his care.

I have been getting laser hair removal treatments at Holcomb and Kreithen Med | Spa for about a year, and my unwanted hair is almost gone! It's so wonderful to be able to shave my underarms and bikini line without getting any razor bumps, and the "witch hairs" on my chin are no more! Linda Goforth is an absolute joy to see and a total professional. She makes the laser treatments stress free, as painless as possible, and even fun! The front office staff is superb and very helpful. The equipment they use is top notch and their offices are convenient and comfortable. I priced laser hair removal elsewhere and the prices here beat all the other providers-and the best thing is, there were no contracts to sign. I highly recommend Holcomb and Kreithen Med | Spa for laser hair removal!

Dr. Kreithen exceeded my expectations! His staff was amazing and made me feel very comfortable. I couldn't be happier with my results. I would highly recommend him.

I had Co2 laser surgery and a lip lift done by Dr. Holcomb and the results are amazing. It took 10 years off my face. As for his staff, I couldn't ask for a more dedicated, caring staff than Dr. Holcomb's nursing staff. I was surprised at the level of experience ( hospital ER, cardiac care) of his nurses and the genuine caring they provide. I would highly recommend Dr. Holcomb for his excellent skills as a practitioner and his wonderful staff.

Great office with professional staff. All three doctors are exceptional. The finest in plastic surgery there is!

Dr Holcomb and staff: I wanted to let you know how much of a pleasure it was working with your entire staff from beginning to end. I would also like to extend to Dr Holcomb a big THANK YOU for the work you did on me. I am very pleased.

Dear Dr Holcomb, I had my 6 month appointment with you last Friday. I was so overcome looking at the before and after pictures that I never said THANK YOU! What you did was perfect and gave me so much courage to face my aging self. I could not have imagined a better outcome. Thanks again. PS: your staff is the BEST.

I am only 24 hours post op from my breast augmentation and beyond happy with the results so far. Dr. Kreithen and his whole team made me feel so comfortable from beginning to end. I felt prepared and I am so happy with my decision!!

Everybody I know knows HK is the place to go for the most cutting edge techniques in plastic surgery. I would not trust my face to any other than Dr. H. or my body to any other than Dr. K.

Dr. Holcomb came highly recommended when I was looking for somebody for a neck lift. Once I hit my 40s I began to see my age showing in my neck. I cannot speak highly enough of my results. I saved for a long time in order to get this done and there is no way I could be happier with my results. I have other procedures that I am anxious to tackle and there is only one doctor who will be touching this face.

After an abundant amount of research & asking around, a friend referred me to this facility to find out more about a procedure. The staff made me feel at home, and made sure I was educated on every aspect of my upcoming surgery. Dr. Kreithen (along with all the nurses) fulfilled every special request and made me feel so comfortable the day of my surgery. I’m now more confident than I ever was, all thanks to Dr. Kreithen and his team! I trusted this facility so much that I came back and got another procedure done with Kimberly, where she walked me through every step and also fulfilled every request I had. This team/facility is absolutely amazing and I have recommended this place to ever friend and family member. Thank you Dr. Kreithen & Kimberly for making me feel confident in my skin, I am forever thankful!

My doctor recommended Dr. Kreithen to help me with reconstruction after cancer surgery. I am so thankful! Dr. Kreithen and his staff were the best team I worked with during my road to recovery. The majority of my questions were answered before I could ask. The whole experience was verbally explained in addition to leaving with written instructions. I never waited for the doctor/staff when arriving for an appointment; always on time. The results were beyond my expectations! Very happy. During recovery I was given the appropriate amount of pain medicine. That was an issue with other doctors. My life is back to normal and I am thankful every day for good health and total confidence in my appearance.

Dr. Holcomb is an amazing doctor. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly. I felt very comfortable with him. He didn’t try to “sell me” on anything extra. He explained the procedure and what was to be done and what to expect. He didn’t promise me unrealistic results. The procedure was done well and I feel 10 years younger. My self esteem is up!! The recovery time was long and hard for me but it was explained from the start so there were no surprises. I have visited a few different plastic surgeons and I am so thankful that I chose Dr. Holcomb. The price was reasonable. I definitely recommend everyone to come to Dr. Holcomb’s office! The staff is great too! Very warm and welcoming.


I went to Dr. Kreithen for a breast reduction after years of back pain caused by my breasts. I’m two months post-op and asking myself why I didn’t do this sooner! Not only has my back pain decreased significantly, but I’m able to wear clothes I could only dream about before!

I couldn’t be happier with the results of my recent face/neck lift. Dr. Holcomb, you are the BEST!!! I was very impressed with the level of caring, professionalism and expertise that Dr. Holcomb’s office demonstrated throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Dr. Holcomb to anyone who is looking for a beautiful natural surgery.


From the very beginning consultation, until my last appointment, Dr. Holcomb and all of his wonderful staff, made this journey incredibly seamless. All my questions were answered, never seemed rushed in or out of appointments. The results are even better than what i imagined, and the best part of all, is that I am still me. A more less lined, smoother version of myself.. Thank you Dr.Holcomb and all of your staff for making this experience, one that will bring me back, and I will recommend you and your clinic anytime.


I was very pleased with Dr. Holcomb and the results of the procedure. The office staff is very professional and so helpful! I highly recommend using them. Thank you!


Dr Kreithen basically saved my life by finding something that was overlooked by another Dr on an MRI. I had breast implants for 32 yrs , fibromyalgia the past 15 yrs .Dr Kreithen and his entire staff made me feel comfortable with my decision to explant. Dr Kreithen is an artist and perfectionist . He succeeded in making this patient a “ happy camper”. It has been 6 months since explant. I feel the best I have in years . The staff from front desk, to surgery coordinator to nurses, and surgical staff are A+ professional. You can trust your surgery needs with Dr Kreithen.

Dr. Holcomb and his staff are professional and detailed orientated from start to finish. I am very pleased with the Rhinoplasty and Facelift Surgery that Dr. Holcomb performed on me. He and his staff is caring and answered all my questions. The facility is upscale and luxurious. Dr. Holcomb has his own Surgery Center that has all the latest and up to date technology. I am impressed with all the knowledge that Dr. Holcomb has from years of experience. Besides speaking English, Dr. Holcomb speaks Spanish, French, Portuguese. And is always learning more languages to communicate better with people. Dr. Holcomb’s pricing is reasonably priced of excellent quality service that he performs. I am grateful for having Dr. Holcomb to be my Plastic Surgeon.


Thank you so much for all of your expertise and efforts as I am able to appreciate a beautiful figure again. All of your team members were always so genuinely caring and professional. Jaymie, Kelly and Joanne were always positive, full of energy and willing to do whatever needed to be done to make me feel comfortable. Continue to change lives of people and keep painting. You have several gifts.

Dr. Kreithen is one of the most professional (and kind) surgeons you will ever meet. His attention to detail is impeccable; he is truly a highly-skilled artist. But even more than his talent, his mannerisms make you so....comfortable. Plastic surgery can be such a vulnerable experience. But he listens to your goals, provides options, and actually works through things with you. We had visited several surgeons before choosing Dr. Kreithen and when you meet with him, you quickly see--there is a huge difference. He is unlike any other. And his results show it too.

This was my second surgical procedure with this office & again I want to say thank you to the entire staff especially the front desk, the nurses & of course Dr. Holcomb. Again, you have all been absolutely wonderful. The attention to every detail & follow up care is amazing. Thank you also for the lovely flowers. Again something rarely done by other offices. I have reffered several friends & they have been very pleased as well. Should I require additional work in the future I know where I will be going.

Dr. Kreithen is a delight to be around. He arrives on schedule, so you don't have to waste time waiting for him. He takes the time to answer your queries and puts you at ease. His employees are also quite polite and professional. This office is one that I would suggest to anybody wanting breast augmentations!

Thank you everyone for your excellent care. The flower were such an unexpected and very beautiful surprise. I have never had such a positive medical experience and I love the result.

I have tried to find words to express my gratitude to you and your staff. You all have done so much more than provide a service than I paid for. The extra skin/fat on my stomach has bothered one for 20 years. So much so that my husband had never even-really seen me naked. It bothered one everyday. Thanks to your skilled hands, I’d almost show anyone. You have done more than make me look better, I fell better. You and your staff have treated me so well and professionally that I will be always grateful. This has been such an emotional journey, one that I only wished I’d done sooner. It has definitely been worth the discomfort and money.

Thank you for your kindness and expertise. I have appreciated the wonderful care of you and your staff. Thank you also for working with me on military military discount. You have no idea how much I have appreciated the help. Looking forward to our next visit. Thanks again for all you do.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Everything was all wonderful, the staff, the service & the hospitality of entire crew and most of all Thank you Dr. Kreithen! You're the BEST!!!

Thank so much for the beautiful flowers that you sent to me. I also want to thank you for the wonderful care & attention you showed to me through my surgery! You all are wonderful!!

As we approach my “miraculous” days I want to say: I respect your prowess as a surgeon, I love your KIND HEART!

Just a little note with a big THANK YOU for the gorgeous flower arrangement. It was the “Royal” Bouquet for my recovery. What a “Professional” touch to professional work.

I am away for the summer had wanted you to know that as time is going by I am becoming more and more pleased with the results, my biggest regret is not doing this sooner. When I return I still want the little truck we talked about but I wanted you to know I think you are a genius!!

Thank you for the lovely flowers and so much gratitude and appreciation for the care you gave me!!! Dr. Kreithen and Jina what a winning team.

Thank you so much for the lovely flowers and for doing such an excellent job on my procedure. I am so happy with my outcomes you truly are wonderful plastic surgeon, and your staff was great too.

I can’t thank you enough…but I hope you know I appreciate everything you’ve done. Thank you, I feel beautiful

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers following my surgery. It was a great pick-me-up and very thoughtful. You all have been wonderful and I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you so much for the excellent care you have provided me over the past month! I am amazed at your kindness + patience and am more than satisfied with my results. If I ever need anything like this again I know where to go! All my best to everyone there!

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Patient Letter

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Patient Letter

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