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A Comprehensive Guide

Brazilian Butt Lifts are all the rage right now. And why not? With cosmetic surgery focused on the face or upper body for so long, it’s long overdue that the bottom half of a person starts getting attention, too. But as with any major surgery or significant change in physical appearance, it is essential to understand all the benefits, drawbacks, and details of this hot new cosmetic procedure. 

If you're interested in a Brazilian butt lift in Sarasota & Tampa, please schedule a consultation. 

What is a BBL?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure focusing on enhancing the shape and volume of the buttocks. This procedure involves harvesting fat from other parts of the body, purifying it, and then strategically injecting it into the buttocks. BBL offers an alternative to traditional butt augmentation methods like silicone implants, with a focus on natural results and minimal scarring.

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Am I a Good Candidate for a BBL?

Not everyone is a good candidate for a BBL.  Even if you think you WANT a BBL, there are some key considerations to consider along the way. Ideal candidates for BBL are adults:

  • In good general health
  • That are non-smokers
  • Whose with sufficient body fat for transfer
  • With realistic expectations about the outcome 

This procedure caters to a wide range of aesthetic desires, from subtle enhancements to more pronounced changes in butt shape and volume.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After

Procedure Details for Brazilian Butt Lift

A BBL is a detailed and meticulous procedure that requires precision and expertise. It begins with the liposuction phase, where fat is harvested from designated areas of the body, typically where excess fat is present such as the abdomen, hips, lower back, or thighs. Once harvested, the fat undergoes a purification process. This step is crucial as it ensures only the healthiest and most viable fat cells are used for the subsequent injection into the buttocks. This purification process increases the likelihood of a successful graft and optimal, long-lasting results.

The injection phase occurs when the purified fat is carefully and strategically injected into specific buttocks areas to create a more rounded, full, and lifted appearance. This procedure phase requires an in-depth understanding of body aesthetics to achieve a natural and harmonious look. Throughout the procedure, patient safety is paramount. Techniques like ultrasound guidance, as used by Dr. Salzman, enhance the precision of fat placement, significantly reducing risks and improving the overall outcome. 


The BBL in Sarasota & Tampa procedure offers numerous benefits for those seeking to enhance their physical appearance, particularly in the buttocks region. In addition to visible benefits, a BBL can be a source of improved self-confidence and personal empowerment.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Enhances body contours naturally, using the patient's fat
  • Avoids risks associated with foreign objects like silicone implants
  • Results in minimal scarring due to tiny incisions
  • Can lead to an all-around improvement in body shape, with restored volume and a more elevated appearance of the buttocks​​

Recovery and Post-Operative Care

Post-procedure, patients can expect a notable improvement in the size and shape of the buttocks, along with a more sculpted appearance in the areas where fat was removed. The dual benefit of fat removal and buttock enhancement makes BBL a comprehensive approach to body reshaping. Recovery varies, with the first several days post-surgery often being the most painful. Patients may experience swelling, bruising, and fluid retention. It's advised not to sit or lie directly on the buttocks for at least two weeks. Full recovery can be expected between two to three months, during which patients are advised to maintain a consistent weight to preserve the effects of the BBL​.

Risks and Safety

While considered safe by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, BBL, like any surgery, has its risks. These include bruising, swelling, soreness, and more severe complications like fat embolism.

Selecting a skilled, board-certified surgeon like Dr. Salzman is crucial for minimizing risks and ensuring the safest possible procedure​​​.

Why Choose Dr. Marc Salzman?

Dr. Marc Salzman, a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience, brings a wealth of expertise to BBL procedures. He is known for his innovative techniques, including using ultrasound guidance for fat transfer, which significantly enhances safety and results. His dedication to patient safety and satisfaction, combined with his role as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Louisville, positions him as a leader in the field. His approach ensures each procedure is tailored to the individual's needs, aligning with the latest safety guidelines for fat grafting​​​.

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Making the Right Decision for You

The Brazilian butt lift in Sarasota & Tampa is a sophisticated procedure that offers a natural way to enhance the buttocks' appearance while improving overall body contours. With its growing popularity, it is essential to choose a surgeon like Dr. Marc Salzman, who combines technical skill with an artistic eye, ensuring a safe procedure and satisfying results. Whether seeking a subtle enhancement or a more noticeable change, a BBL under Dr. Salzman's expert care at Holcomb Kreithen Plastic Surgery & Med Spa can be a transformative experience.

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