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One of the best ways to preserve your cosmetic results after a procedure is to choose medical-grade skincare products that can take your at-home beauty regimen to the next level. Your products should be customized to your unique lifestyle, goals, and skin composition. SkinBetter Science provides a full line of innovative solutions to keep your complexion looking refreshed, youthful, and luminous. 

Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery & Medspa – A sanctuary for flawless beauty

Helmed by experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons, Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery & Medspa in Sarasota and Tampa is a one-stop aesthetic sanctuary known for providing patients with exceptional concierge care and elegant, natural-looking outcomes. From injectables and hair restoration to our cutting-edge skincare technology and medical-grade product lines, we strive to offer highly customized solutions for all your cosmetic concerns. 

What is SkinBetter Science?

SkinBetter Science is a line of medical-grade skincare products that differ in a number of ways from conventional over-the-counter products. Medical-grade skincare products can only be obtained through a licensed physician or healthcare professional, as they contain active prescription-strength ingredients that are much more potent. While medical-grade skincare products cost more, they are also more cost-effective, meaning that patients can use less of the product to achieve similar or better results. 

Holcomb - Kreithen Plastic Surgery & Medspa

SkinBetter Science was founded by skilled aesthetic experts who are passionate about innovation in the field of cosmetic science. The skincare line is backed by extensive clinical research and has been proven to be safe and effective. SkinBetter Science incorporates top-tier ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants, and retinoids that work together synergistically to enhance the skin’s texture, tone, and vibrancy. 

What concerns can be targeted with SkinBetter Science products?

While most individuals will fall into one of four complexion categories – with normal, oily, dry, or combination skin – SkinBetter Science takes skincare to the next level by offering specialized solutions for the following concerns:

  • Aging

  • Blemishes

  • Acne

  • Exposure to environmental toxins

  • Crinkly, crepe-like skin

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Facial redness

  • Lines, wrinkles, and creases

  • Enlarged pores

  • Skin sensitivity

  • Loss of skin elasticity

  • A dull or lackluster complexion

  • Uneven skin tone or texture

  • Sun damage

What are the benefits of SkinBetter Science?

One of the biggest advantages of SkinBetter Science is that its products can be highly customized. Each patient’s skincare needs are constantly changing according to factors such as age, diet, environment, climate, hormone imbalances, and time spent in the sun. SkinBetter Science provides complete flexibility and versatility, allowing patients to stave off signs of aging before they occur. 

What are the most popular SkinBetter Science products?

Each person will require a unique skincare regimen that addresses their skin type and aesthetic concerns. However, there are two products that almost every patient needs:

  • Retinol – Retinol is known for its ability to correct signs of aging through cellular renewal, unblocking the pores and exfoliating dead skin cells. It can also enhance collagen production, resulting in fuller, plumper facial contours. Many patients have concerns about Retinol because it can cause irritation, but SkinBetter Science calibrates their use of Retinol so that patients can choose the intensity of the products they select. 
  • Sunscreen – Sunscreen is critical for protecting your skin from UV damage and preserving the results of your cosmetic procedures. Even in climates with severe winters, sunblock is still essential. Continuous exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays can break down the skin’s structure, resulting in wrinkles, lines, hyperpigmentation, sagging, and volume loss. SkinBetter Science offers a number of excellent sunblock options including the TONE SMART SPF 75 sunscreen lotion, Sheer TONE SMART SPF 70 lotion, TONE SMART SPF 68, and the Sheer SPF 56 sunscreen stick.

Get started with your private skincare consultation today!

Our caring, dedicated team at Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery & Medspa in Sarasota and Tampa is standing by to meet with you for a confidential consultation. During this initial meeting, we will conduct a detailed analysis of your skin and a thorough review of your medical history. We will then curate the ideal skincare regimen for you, choosing from the innovative SkinBetter Science line of powerful, youth-enhancing elixirs. Call today to get started!

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