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KeraLase is a brand new procedure that uses the non-ablative micro-channels created by the LaseMD to replace the need for micro-needle devices (e.g. pens, rollers). The LaseMD 1927 nm thulium fiber laser creates microchannels in the scalp through which KeraFactor Treatment Serum is more easily and effectively introduced into the scalp (five times higher absorption of nano-liposomes).

The serum contains a high concentration of the proprietary formulation of KeraFactor Peptide Complex (KFP™) that is comprised of a specific selection of synthetic growth factors and skin proteins.  Each peptide is wrapped in a nano-liposome protected carrier for optimum absorption following LaseMD scalp treatment.  Treatments require no anesthesia and are completed in under 20 minutes.

Benefits of Keralase treatment include increased hair count via hair follicle induction and increased diameter (thickness) of the hair shaft of new and existing hair.

Patients may also benefit from NeoLTS treatment and NeoGraft 2.0 follicular unit hair transplantation for areas that do not respond or that need more hair follicle density.   Patients can further support a healthy scalp with revitalized hair by using KeraFactor Spray and KeraCap (US FDA approved laser cap with 148 individual 650 nm laser diodes).

Thank you for your interest in KeraLase. Please Call (866) 218-4810  or Click Here to schedule evaluation for possible KeraLase treatment.

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