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Broadband light treatments are a highly advanced treatment that can address a number of issues, without the need for invasive surgery, or a prolonged recovery period. If you’ve been feeling frustrated by the presence of unwanted hair on various parts of the body, Forever Bare BBL might be a great choice for you. Reach out and set up an in-person consultation at Holcomb - Kreithen Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, and we’ll help you learn everything you need to know about the Forever Bare BBL treatment, so you can decide if this procedure is right for you!

How Can Forever Bare BBL Help?

Forever Young BBL uses what’s known as broadband light therapy, delivering intense pulses of concentrated light energy into your skin, stimulating a response from the hair follicles within the skin. This particular treatment delivers pulsed light that heats your hair follicles, while also delivering a cooling effect to the skin, for a painless and completely comfortable procedure.

This procedure is quick, incredibly comfortable, and a highly effective method for hair removal in a number of places, and on a number of different skin types. We’ll work with you to determine whether or not this treatment is right for you.

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If you’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to non-surgically remove hair from specific parts of your body, the Forever Bare BBL treatment might very well be the perfect solution for you. Reach out and set up an appointment at the Holcomb - Kreithen MedSpa, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know, from preparation to the recovery process. We’ll help you pick the procedure that’s perfect for you, so you can absolutely love the way you look and feel, every single day.

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