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DiamondGlow in Sarasota and Tampa

If you’re looking for an above-and-beyond resurfacing treatment to improve dry skin, large pores, oily skin, acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, uneven texture, or roughness, our DiamondGlow may be perfect for you. This three-in-one device delivers extraordinary results that you can see and feel. 

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What is DiamondGlow?

DiamondGlow™ (previously Dermalinfusion®) is a face and body skin resurfacing treatment that has been clinically and medically proven for results. It is the first patented system to provide exfoliation and infusion of serums simultaneously. The diamond-tipped hand-held device performs gentle exfoliation, debris is suctioned out, and medical-grade serums are infused in a three-in-one process that achieves radiant, healthy skin. DiamondGlow is customizable and safe for all skin types.

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Key benefits of DiamondGlow

  • Excellent results
  • No downtime
  • Pain-free procedure
  • Can address a variety of skin conditions
  • Less invasive than laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels
  • Quick and convenient treatment times

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DiamondGlow’s three-in-one process

DiamondGlow is a three-modality system involving abrasion, vacuum extraction, and infusion. 

1. Abrasion

The diamond-tipped device passes over the skin to achieve a deep cleansing of the pores through exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and debris. 

2. Vacuum extraction

The device also includes a vacuum feature that suctions out debris from the skin as it exfoliates. 

3. Infusion

As the skin is cleansed and the pores are opened, medical-grade serums are infused. The effectiveness of these serums will be elevated due to how open your pores are during treatment, and the specific serums chosen will be based on your unique skin condition and needs.  

Let’s talk about Dermalinfusion!

Lets Talk about Dermalinfusion!

Before & After

DiamondGlow treatment details

A typical DiamondGlow treatment is 30 to 45 minutes. Treatments are gentle, painless, and require no downtime. DiamondGlow is powered by its patented handpiece. The pneumatic chamber at the handpiece tip creates closed-loop suction onto skin upon contact, instantly lifting skin for extraction and abrasion by a recessed exfoliating diamond tip. At the same time, pneumatic pressure infuses skin with ingredient-rich serums. This process is not sequential, but simultaneous. This is how DiamondGlow is able to be so effective — it eliminates time gaps between exfoliation and serum application, which means optimal skin receptivity and retention. There are no side effects with DiamondGlow. Patients will see results immediately after treatment, and will continue to see improvements in the days following.

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Holcomb - Kreithen Plastic Surgery & Medspa

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DiamondGlow serums

The key to the DiamondGlow technology lies in its line of specifically formulated, professional strength serums. Each serum has undergone advanced research in skincare science, and has been designed to address a specific skin condition including anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, dry and dehydrated skin, oily-prone skin, congestion, and rough skin texture.

DiamondGlow in Sarasota and Tampa from HK Plastic Surgery

Established in 2014 by two board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Holcomb and Dr. Kreithen, our comprehensive center is a one-stop-shop for all your aesthetic needs. If you’re in the Sarasota and Tampa area and you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of DiamondGlow (Dermalinfusion) or are treating any type of skin condition, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled and trained aestheticians.

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