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The Obagi skincare line is backed by science and provides a broad range of formulations that work synergistically in a structured way to tackle imperfections, blemishes, and age-related changes in the complexion. Dr. Zein Obagi, MD, is a researcher, teacher, and author in addition to being an internationally renowned dermatologist. For over 35 years, he has been developing best-in-class dermatologic solutions that rejuvenate, revive, replenish, and protect the skin.

The Obagi skincare system is a globally respected line of clinically proven products designed to revitalize and replenish the complexion. Obagi was the first brand to cater to all Fitzpatrick skin types, making treatment accessible and effective for a broad range of patients. Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery & Medspa is proud to offer Obagi skincare as part of our ongoing commitment to aesthetic excellence and outstanding results.

Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery & Medspa – Leaders in world-class cosmetic rejuvenation

Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery & Medspa in Sarasota and Tampa provides a welcoming, luxurious atmosphere where patients receive concierge care, personalized attention, and access to advanced, cutting-edge technology and equipment. Our team of innovative, dedicated providers is helmed by board-certified plastic surgeons, ensuring the artistry of your results and your utmost safety at all times. 

What is the Obagi skincare line?

Backed by three decades of clinical research and proven results, Obagi skincare rests on a foundation of technical innovation and cutting-edge cosmetic science. Obagi’s transformational serums, masks, cleansers, sunscreens, and moisturizers promote a glowing, youthful complexion and timeless beauty. Regardless of your age or skin type, Obagi has a solution for your aesthetic concerns. 

  • OBAGI MEDICAL – This line nourishes, clarifies, and protects, improving your skin’s tone and texture. These products can help to reduce signs of aging, erase spots and blemishes, correct hyperpigmentation, and rid the complexion of lines, wrinkles, and creases.
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  • OBAGI CLINICAL – Obagi Clinical products are engineered to reverse early signs of aging and help patients maintain a more youthful-looking, refreshed countenance as they mature. Products are formulated using potent, transformational ingredients.

Top Obagi products

  • Gentle Cleanser – Made with aloe, this gentle cleanser removes makeup, dirt, and other impurities for a glowing, refreshed complexion.

  • Toner – Alcohol-free and non-drying, this toner balances the skin’s pH levels.

  • Clear – This hydroquinone-based formula helps fade hyperpigmentation and discoloration, restoring an even, balanced skin tone.

  • Exfoderm – This light, exfoliating lotion removes dead skin cells, brightening the complexion.

  • Obagi Hydrate – Made with shea butter and avocado, this moisturizing elixir helps soothe dry, flaky skin.

  • Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – This superior sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays and is PABA and fragrance-free.

What are the benefits of Obagi products?

Obagi is one of the biggest names in pharmaceutical-grade skincare. The scientifically formulated, game-changing products are known for being innovative, effective, and intelligently designed, giving Obagi a reputation for excellence. Obagi was founded in 1988 and for over 30 years has continued to develop remarkable products with the following benefits:

  • Scientifically innovative – Obagi’s multifaceted products are backed by an in-depth understanding of how the skin’s biology works. Products are prescribed by physicians in over 60 countries worldwide.

  • Effective and accessible – Obagi has designed products for all skin types, helping patients to enjoy a more even, balanced complexion free from sun damage and blemishes.

  • Versatile – The Obagi line has something for everyone and can be utilized to combat a vast array of complexion challenges. Physicians rely on Obagi because they want to help patients protect and preserve their cosmetic results after a procedure.

Schedule your personalized skincare consultation today!

Our team at Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery & Medspa in Sarasota and Tampa is excited to meet with you to discuss how Obagi products can be used to rejuvenate your appearance and elevate your self-confidence. During this initial meeting, we will conduct a thorough skin analysis and review of your medical history. We will then craft a customized skincare regimen using the most ideal Obagi products for your unique complexion concerns. Our goal is for you to maintain a youthful, luminous glow year-round. 

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