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MIST® Ultrasound Healing Therapy

Dr. J. David Holcomb and Dr. Joshua Kreithen are proud to offer our patients MIST® Ultrasound Healing Therapy (or just MIST Therapy). This advanced treatment facilitates skin healing and repair after laser skin rejuvenation procedures as well as healing and repair of other wounds. The synopsis of available clinical studies reviewing the effects of MIST therapy –

Mist Therapy Demonstrates Consistent Reduction In Wound Area, Volume, Pain And Healing Times Across A Wide Range Of Wounds.

MIST Therapy is a painless, noncontact ultrasound therapy that promotes wound healing via delivery of low-frequency ultrasound energy to the skin through a gentle saline mist. During MIST Therapy low-frequency sound waves stimulate cells and tissues at and just below the skin’s surface – decreasing inflammation, lowering bacteria counts and disrupting biofilm thereby minimizing the potential for infection – while also promoting healing through increased local blood flow, increased blood vessel formation and increased collagen deposition as well as other mechanisms. MIST Therapy is generally performed several times per week until the skin or wound has healed so sufficiently that the treatment would no longer be beneficial.

Located in sunny Sarasota, our office is convenient for patients traveling from across town, across the state, and across the country. Call our office at (866) 218-4810 to inquire about MIST Therapy today.

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