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A comfortable, no downtime, non-ablative approach improving the appearance of non-firm vulvar skin.

What is diVaTyte™?

diVaTyte™ is a comfortable, no downtime, non-ablative BroadBand Light (BBL™) treatment for laxity of vulvar skin.  The non-ablative treatment uses selected wavelengths of light that gently heat dermal tissue to obtain a more pleasing appearance and a feeling of increased tightness and tone.

Pregnancy and motherhood have tremendous rewards; however, vaginal childbirth excessively stretches the muscles and skin of the vagina. The body’s natural healing process repairs much of the damage, but tissue may not return to its previous state, especially after multiple pregnancies. Eventually, many women feel their labial skin has lost some of its youthful smoothness and elasticity, known as vulvar laxity.

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Vulvar skin laxity affects women of all ages. As women naturally age, complaints of sagging skin and other skin quality changes are in all areas of the body, not just in faces and necks. This condition is amongst the highest complaints for women, typically affecting their sexual relationships and positive feelings of well-being.

How does diVaTyte work?

diVaTyte is based on SkinTyte™, the same non-ablative technology used typically on the face, neck, and abdomen. diVaTyte utilizes powerful comfortable contact cooling to protect the top layer of skin while permitting safe infrared energy to heat deeper layers of tissue where collagen and elastin reside. By raising the tissue temperature, the body naturally initiates a repair and remodeling response, which over time, leads to the appearance of firmer skin and improved tone.

If needed, diVa™ Laser Vaginal Therapy and diVaTyte™ may be performed together optimizing both internal and external vaginal tissues to provide a total women’s wellness solution.

Thank you for your interest in diVaTyte™. Please Call (866) 218-4810 or Click Here to schedule evaluation for possible diVaTyte™ treatment.

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