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As part of its post-op care and focus, Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery employs HIVAMAT Therapy to accelerate your healing after surgery.

Post-surgical edema (swelling) is a common complaint of all plastic surgery patients. The effects of swelling can lead to areas of firmness or lumpiness that area tender and uncomfortable and that can ultimately lead to additional scar tissue. Individual responses to surgery and healing vary – and recovery varies greatly in part depending on the individual.

HIVAMAT Therapy is the only pro-active post-surgical therapy that is able to be started 24 hours after surgery to reduce pain and swelling and to help speed up the healing process.

HIVAMAT Therapy has been used for over 20 Years for treatment of lymphedema – a condition that is very similar to the acute swelling that occurs after plastic surgery. In both cases tissue fluid is not able to be contained within the body’s lymphatic system and then leaches out into the free space within affected tissues. This is the body’s natural response to tissue trauma and can lead to some of the above mentioned issues when the individual lymphatic system is not able to respond adequately after plastic surgery.

HIVAMAT Therapy has an IMMEDIATE effect on pain and edema while feeling like a spa treatment.

HIVAMAT Therapy is safe and fffective can be used over the eyes, heart and spine and has no reaction with Implants.

We have two HIVAMAT Therapy

  1. In-Office Treatments
  2. Rental Units available for Home Treatments

Ask for Details. Lymphedema Patients Before and After only ONE Treament:

before and after pic of the ankle after using the Hivamat

before and after pic of the ankle after using the Hivamat

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