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How can I pay for procedures?

Payments can be made by Cash, Check, Major Credit Cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA), Wire Transfer, Alphaeon credit (click to learn more), CareCredit (click to learn more), and Patient Fi (click to learn more).

What services does Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery offer?

Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery is a comprehensive center for facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery of the breasts and body and cosmetic laser surgery (please see procedures section for more information). Most procedures are completed on site in our AAAASF accredited outpatient private surgery center.

In addition, our MedSpa is one of the most comprehensive in the state of Florida, offering: minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and sculpting (e.g. structural fat grafting; injectable fillers, Sculptra and Botox) energy based treatments with over 20 different devices (e.g. laser, radio frequency, ultrasound, cyrolipolysis) for various conditions of the skin and deeper structures, as well as medical grade aesthetic skin care – providing elegant solutions to improve skin coloration/tone and texture. Please see our MedSpa website for additional information.

Where do the surgeons perform their surgeries?

The vast majority of surgical procedures are performed in our AAAASF accredited, outpatient private surgery center that is located within the 8th floor suite of Kane Plaza in downtown Sarasota. The doctors also have privileges at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, and Lakewood Ranch Hospital.

Before my procedure, will I need medical clearance from my doctor?

Medical clearance may be required in some cases. Factors that are considered include patient age, baseline health status, recent health events or symptoms (if any), desired procedures and type of anesthesia.

Are our plastic surgeons board certified and by which boards?

Dr. Holcomb is double board certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (www.ABFPRS.org) and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Kreithen is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Marc Salzman is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing for over 30 years.

How long have the doctors been practicing plastic surgery?

Dr. Holcomb has been practicing Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Laser Surgery since 1999; he opened his Sarasota private practice in 2000. Dr Kreithen has been practicing plastic surgery since 2001; he started practicing in Sarasota in 2004. Dr. Marc Salzman is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing for over 30 years.

Where did the doctors train?

Dr. Holcomb completed most of his post-graduate medical training at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics including a 1-year internship in General Surgery followed by a 6-year combined National Institutes of Health research fellowship and Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery residency. He subsequently completed a 1-year fellowship in Advanced Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery through the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Kreithen completed a full 5-year general surgery residency at East Tennessee State University followed by a 3-year fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Florida.

Dr. Salzman was a graduate of the Tulane University School of Medicine where he was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. He did his General Surgery residency at the Mount Sinai Medical School in New York City followed by a fellowship in Plastic Surgery at Duke University Medical School. He is a past president of the Kentucky Society of Plastic Surgeons.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointment requests are received online via our website (www.hkplasticsurgery.com), via telephone, and in person.

How much does a consult cost? After my treatment/procedure, do I have to pay for follow-up visits?

Complimentary consultations are available with Kim Daily, PA-C, Erin Alonso, ARNP, Stacy Ninan, ARNP, Mariah Malzan, Licensed Aesthetician, Lana Saba, Licensed Aesthetician, Jocelyne DeMaio, Licensed Aesthetician and with Kimberly Romanski, RN (Coolsculpting, ThermiSmooth250 and ZWAVE Radial Pulse Therapy) for injectables and laser treatments. The doctors do request an initial patient evaluation fee for cosmetic consultations. The fee is applied to each patient account as a credit and then applied to any subsequently performed services. Cosmetic follow-up appointments never incur a subsequent evaluation fee. If insurance is accepted, then patient out-of-pocket expense is limited to co-pays or deductibles as appropriate.

Do the doctors perform photo imaging?

Standard color digital photographs (2 dimensional) are obtained for new patients. For patients considering rhinoplasty (nose job), facial contouring (eg cheek implant; eg chin implant; eg fat grafting; eg AccuLift), face and neck lift Vectra 3 D imaging is available to demonstrate anticipated results BEFORE treatment.

Will my insurance cover any of my procedure?

Insurance may cover certain procedures in part or in full. Co-pays including unmet deductibles are the patient’s responsibility. Examples of services that may be covered by insurance include skin cancer reconstruction, nasal airway obstruction, breast reconstruction and various skin conditions.

I don’t live in Florida, is it difficult to travel there for my procedure?

Sarasota is an international and domestic tourist destination with its own airport (SRQ). Many people use other airports in the region including Tampa International Airport (TPA), Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) and St. Petersburg-Clearwater International airport (PIE). If traveling by car, Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery is located just off Fruitville Road (State Road 780 W) 5.2 miles west of Interstate 75.

Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery and Med Spa is also located just 15 minutes away from Tampa International Airport.

After my procedure, how long will I be required to stay in the Sarasota or Tampa area?

Initial healing for most plastic surgery as well as laser skin resurfacing procedures occurs over the first 7 days. At that time sutures are removed and the skin barrier (outer protective layer) has been restored. One week is the minimum amount of time that patients should stay in the area; staying another 3 – 4 days or even 1 week longer is preferable to ensure that wound healing has been optimized and to better guide resumption of normal activities.

Will the office arrange for housing with a nearby hotel?

Drs. Holcomb, Kreithen, Salzman and their staff will gladly provide suggestions for lodging. Sarasota offers a range of options including very basic accommodations to the Ritz Carlton Sarasota to luxurious rental properties such as waterfront condominiums and homes.

Will I have to see the doctors again after surgery?

Yes. Drs. Holcomb, Kreithen, Salzman and their staff will follow your progress closely during the initial healing process. If you have had laser skin resurfacing procedures expect to return to the office several times during the first week for MIST Therapy® treatments.

How long does it generally take for the anesthesia to wear off?

Patients that undergo sedation of any kind (oral, intramuscular, intravenous) must not drive a motor vehicle for 24 hours. Patient responses to sedative and other medications vary. The duration of effect for medications used during intravenous sedation is very short so patients wake-up quickly and do not typically experience the lingering after effects often associated with general anesthesia.

Is there anything I can take that will speed up recovery time, reduce bruising, etc?

Yes. The doctors have implemented several protocols (e.g. VitaMedica Surgery Program) and new technologies (e.g. MIST Therapy®) to help you through the recovery process as quickly as possible. Patient participation in stopping any medications or supplements that increase bleeding and bruising, keeping the head elevated above the level of the heart and avoiding vigorous activity during the healing process is essential.

Do I need general anesthesia for plastic surgery?

General anesthesia is recommended for certain plastic surgery procedures including rhinoplasty, breast reduction, major abdominoplasty, body lift. Drs. Holcomb, Kreithen, and Salzman offer “twilight” anesthesia (intravenous sedation) for most other procedures that are routinely performed in their office-based, AAAASF-accredited private surgery center.

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