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What Is a Facelift?

A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a very common cosmetic surgery used to create a more youthful facial appearance. The procedure can be performed to lift sagging skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, and remove excess skin around the chin and jawline.

Am I a Candidate for a Facelift?

If your facial skin has lost a significant amount of its elasticity, you could be a good candidate for a facelift. Ideal candidates for the procedure should meet the following requirements:

  • Be a non-smoker
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Be in generally good health
  • Have the desire to achieve a more youthful-looking face
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What Should I Expect During a Facelift Procedure?

If you’re considering a Tampa facelift procedure, your first step will be a consultation with Dr. Holcomb. He will discuss what you want to achieve with the surgery and work with you to craft a personalized treatment plan and get you a quote for your procedure.

Before the procedure begins, you will be given either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. The specifics of the surgery will depend on the type of facelift you’re undergoing. A traditional facelift will involve making incisions around the targeted areas and carefully adjusting the skin and muscles. There’s also the radiofrequency-assisted facelift, which Dr. Holcomb co-developed. This procedure blends traditional facelift techniques with the use of a special fiber laser, which removes excess fat and tightens loose collagen bands.

Once the adjustments are finished, Dr. Holcomb will close your incisions to complete the procedure. On average, a facelift will take anywhere from three to six hours.

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What Can I Expect From the Recovery and Results?

After your facelift surgery, you should be able to head home following a few hours of monitoring. You will likely experience swelling and bruising for two to three weeks. Typically, you can return to your normal daily activities 10 to 14 days after the surgery, but you’ll need to avoid strenuous exercise for at least three or four weeks.

The results of your facelift will gradually become visible as your swelling and bruising subside. The exact timeline varies, but it shouldn’t take longer than six weeks to see the final results. The positive effects can typically be expected to last for at least ten years.

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Benefits of a Facelift

A facelift can provide all of the following benefits:

  • More youthful-looking face
  • More defined chin and jawline
  • Smoother facial skin
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Reduction of sagging skin
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What Is Neck Contouring?

Neck contouring can refer to several different procedures, depending on your specific aesthetic goals. Any treatment that creates a smoother, more defined neck area is considered neck contouring. Below, you’ll find examples of the most common neck contouring surgeries.

Neck Lift: A neck lift, which is often performed in conjunction with a facelift, is a surgery used to remove excess skin and/or tighten loose muscles in the neck.

Submentoplasty: Submentoplasty is a surgery that involves the removal of excess skin under the chin. The procedure may or may not include tightening of the platysma muscle, which protects deeper structures in the neck.

Laser-Assisted Neck Contouring: Laser-assisted neck contouring is a procedure in which a special laser breaks up fatty tissue in the neck.

At HK Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, we use either the AccuSculpt laser or the SmartLipo laser. Then, we use a liposuction cannula to remove the excess fat.

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Why Choose HK MedSpa Tampa for Your Facelift?

If you go with Holcomb - Kreithen Plastic Surgery & MedSpa for your Tampa facelift, you will have a comfortable environment, personalized care, and exceptional results. Dr. Holcomb and the expert team at our Tampa MedSpa location will work closely with you to ensure that you achieve the youthful, vibrant face that you desire.

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