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Chin Implants

A short chin, so called microgenia, may be present from birth.  Some individuals experience recession of the forward prominence of the chin with aging, however.  In addition, it is also common for soft tissue and/or bony volume loss to occur in the pre-jowl areas.  This pre-jowl volume deficit may be accentuated by increasing fullness of the jowl and marionette fold.

Chin length and nose size (bridge height) are features that when in balance contribute to facial harmony.  A short chin may make the nose appear to be larger. It is common for patients undergoing reduction rhinoplasty to also undergo chin augmentation if needed to enhance overall facial harmony.  

Adding chin length and/or volume to the pre-jowl areas improves jawline aesthetics and the profile (side view).  Occasional neck contouring may also be needed for optimum improvement of the cervico-mental (chin-neck) angle and profile.  These procedures are commonly done with facelift surgery but may also be done separately.

Chin augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure designed to enhance the look and proportion of the chin through the use of an implant.  Chin implants can add prominence to the chin and balance lower facial features.

Alternatives to chin augmentation include autologous fat grafting (Adivive fat harvest and transfer) and soft tissue filler injections (e.g. Radiesse; e.g. Voluma XC).

The Chin Implant Procedure:

Performed as an out-patient procedure in our private, accredited, office based ambulatory surgical facility, chin augmentation is generally performed with light IV sedation.  The surgeon will first make a small incision under the chin and the implant is then carefully inserted into a pocket along the lower border of the mandible. 

Chin Implant Recovery:

During the initial one-week recovery from Chin Augmentation there may be mild discomfort and mild to moderate swelling.  Although bruising may occur it tends to be light.  Patients generally feel well enough to return to work or school in one week, however strenuous activity should be postponed for two to four weeks.

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