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AquaGold Micro-Channeling New Drug Delivery Method

AquaGold fine touch uses patented micro-channeling technology to painlessly and effectively deliver bioactive compounds into the skin.

Each single-use device contains 20 gold microneedles, each thinner than a human hair, and the proven ability to deliver the desired amount of drug (e.g. Botox Cosmetic; e.g. hyaluronic acid) into the dermis of the skin at a consistent depth and over a large surface area.

Common uses for AquaGold Micro-Channeling include delivery of Botox Cosmetic to the forehead (horizontal forehead creases) and crows feet areas and delivery of hyaluronic acid (e.g. Restylane) to the skin of the face, neck, decollete and hands. The ability to evenly deliver the medications to a precise depth in the skin over a wide surface area avoids some of the disadvantages and complications associated with traditional techniques (e.g. uneven delivery of drug and inability to spread medication over larger surface areas with needle and syringe method).

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