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Laser Procedures

Both Dr. J. David Holcomb, M.D. (AccuLift™, Laser Assisted Facelift) and Dr. Joshua Kreithen, M.D. (Cellulaze™ Anti-Cellulite treatment and SmartLipo™ Laser body Sculpting) frequently integrate laser technologies into their respective surgical areas of expertise.

resurfacing-perfectedDr. Holcomb is honored to have some of his before and after patient photos chosen for inclusion in the widely distributed Sciton brochure. He has achieved great results with procedures like MicrolaserPeel, ProFractional Resurfacing, and Deep Resurfacing with Countour TRL. Read the Sciton brochure here.

AccuLift (aka Laser Assisted Facial and/or Neck Contouring)

Co-developed by Dr Holcomb the AccuLift procedure is designed to refresh and rejuvenate the face via sculpting the cheeks, jawline, neck and submentum (area under the chin). The minimally invasive procedure uses a small laser fiber inserted under the skin to reduce excess fatty tissue deposits and promote skin tightening. The AccuLift may be a standalone procedure or it may be combined with other procedures such as facelift (laser assisted facelift), laser skin resurfacing or soft tissue augmentation (e.g. filler injections where volume is place in areas that are hollow).Read More


The Cellulaze procedure is performed in our accredited, private, office-based outpatient ambulatory surgery center, using local anesthesia and light sedation. The surgeon begins the procedure by making several very small incisions in the targeted area. The Cellulaze laser fiber is inserted under the skin and then used to release the contracted fibrous bands that are pulling down the skin, to reduce excess fatty tissue and to promote skin tightening. Read More

eC02 Ablative Fractional Laser

The eCO2 Ablative Fractional laser is a state-of-the-art laser system designed to rejuvenate dull, lax skin of the face and neck. While improving the damaged outer layers of skin, the laser will also stimulate collagen production and promote skin tightening. Read More

Fractional Laser Therapies

Dr. Holcomb & Dr. Kreithen offer three different laser therapies in our office, all designed to treat the individual needs and goals of each patient: the eCO2 Fractional Laser, the Mosaic Fractional Laser, and the ProFractional XC Laser.

HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser

Get Radiant, Younger Looking Skin. HALO can deliver the results you want without the downtime you expect. The HALO hybrid fractional laser delivers both ablative and a new non-ablative wavelength (1470 nm) in an innovative fashion to provide results more typical of ablative lasers but with downtime that is intermediate or more typical of non-ablative lasers. Read More

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing can effectively rejuvenate the skin by reducing facial wrinkles and unwanted dark pigment and by creating a fresh, new more supple surface. By stimulating the body’s own collagen production and remodeling, the skin will continue to gradually improve over many months following Laser Skin Resurfacing. Read More

ProFractional Ablative Laser

The ProFractional Ablative Fractional laser is a state-of-the-art laser system designed to rejuvenate dull, coarse skin of the face and neck. While improving the damaged outer layers of skin, the laser will also stimulate collagen production. Read More

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Out of Town Patients

J. David Holcomb, MD and Joshua C. Kreithen, MD and their staff welcome out-of-town patients, and will strive to accommodate your needs during your visit.

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