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Renuvion Skin Resurfacing

Reshaping What’s Possible™

Renuvion™ Cosmetic Technology uses the state-of-the-art J-Plasma® energy platform to advance facial skin rejuvenation and body shaping procedures. We are pleased to be one of the first in Florida to offer this proprietary device from Bovie® Medical, a recognized leader in energy-based solutions.

Renuvion™ is FDA cleared for cutting, coagulation and ablation of soft tissue during open and laparoscopic surgical procedures. Off label (not yet FDA approved), Renuvion™ is used for facial skin rejuvenation procedures including regional facial or full facial skin resurfacing procedures that target wrinkles and sun damage. Also, Renuvion™ is used in combination therapy with other body tissue contouring procedures such as neck contouring and laser liposuction of the arms or abdomen. The Renuvion™ Body Lift tightens the skin’s undersurface including the collagenous fibrous septa in the subcutaneous tissue.

Wrinkle Reduction (Peri-Oral or Mouth Area) with Renuvion™ Skin Resurfacing (Off Label):

Renuvion Before and After

The smoothing of the skin’s surface seen in the above photo after Renuvion™ Skin Resurfacing (Off Label) is as good as any laser device (and superior to many laser treatments!) and the healing progress with significant fading of inflammation and redness at just over three weeks is also excellent (traditional full field deep laser skin resurfacing often leaves more intense redness that may last much longer).

How it works:

Renuvion™ combines the unique properties of helium plasma with the efficiency of radiofrequency (RF) energy to create a dual thermal effect. Renuvion™ uses RF energy to convert helium, an inert gas, into helium plasma (a higher energy form of helium):


Helium is used because it can be converted to the plasma state with very little energy.  The tissue effect is partly due to absorption of heat from the heated helium plasma and partly due to RF energy traveling through the helium plasma and into the tissue.

Only a very small amount of the helium gas flowing through the Renuvion™ hand piece is converted into helium plasma while the remaining helium gas in the flow stays cool.  This cool helium gas absorbs heat more efficiently than air and draws excess heat away from the tissue during treatment. The result is energy that simultaneously provides precise tissue heating for tightening and substantial tissue cooling to protect non-targeted tissues:


J-Plasma® energy has been shown to be a safe and effective advancement in numerous surgical procedures where precise targeted delivery of energy coupled with minimal spread of heat to adjacent tissue is beneficial.  In cosmetic procedures, this allows for more carefully controlled heating (coagulation) and tightening of tissue with minimal effect on adjacent non-targeted tissue.

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