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Revision Surgery

If you have undergone facial plastic surgery and experienced less improvement than desired or have had a complication, you may be a candidate for revision surgery. You may be a candidate for revision or tuck surgery or simply a different procedure if you have:

  • Undesirable nose shape or breathing problems after rhinoplasty.
  • Brows that are too low or uneven after browlift.
  • Rounding (pulling down) of the lower eyelids after eyelid lifting (blepharoplasty).
  • Alteration of the hairline or loss of hair after browlift or facelift.
  • Persistent fullness of the nasolabial fold after facelift surgery.
  • Persistent fullness under the chin after face and neck lift or neck contouring surgery.
  • Significant neck skin laxity after face and neck lift.
  • Facial asymmetry after any procedure.
  • Deformity after skin cancer surgery.

Plastic surgery is a precision discipline; however it is also an art that is subject to a variety of factors. Patient factors include each patient’s healing response and tissue integrity (negatively affected by advancing age, smoking, extensive sun damage, etc). Procedure-related factors may include too little or too much tissue rearrangement, removal or tightening despite your surgeon’s best effort to do just the right amount in this regard — your results will be uniquely yours.
The need or desire to have a revision or tuck procedure does not mean that your surgeon performed below a certain standard of care. It is much more likely that your surgeon attempted to do just the right amount while being careful not do too much.

Patients seeking aesthetic and/or reconstructive plastic surgery need to accept the fact that a revision or tuck may be necessary to achieve the optimal result. Some patients do very well with a specific procedure while others achieve only partial improvement with the same procedure. Part of the art of plastic surgery involves being relatively certain that a specific procedure will give a particular patient the desired improvement, but also knowing what else can or should be done if the result is for any reason less than satisfactory.

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