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The depressions, dimples and bumps of cellulite affect nearly 90% of women to some degree. Until recently, the problem was very difficult to treat, and most treatments to date have done little if anything to treat the problem. Cellulaze is the first and only FDA-approved treatment that addresses cellulite on a structural level below the skin.

What Causes Cellulite?

While both men and women can develop cellulite, the problem overwhelmingly affects women due to the way women store fat and hormones. The telltale signs of cellulite are actually caused, on part, by the way female skin differs from male skin. Underneath the surface of the skin is septae, bands of connective tissue that pull skin down but also cause fat pockets to bulge up. In women, the septae are vertical bands, while men tend to have septae that form a tighter cross pattern, which holds fat in check.

Estrogen levels also play a role in the development of cellulite. It is believed that estrogen may harden the septae, which causes them to shrink and pull down on skin. Most women find that cellulite begins to develop after puberty.


What is Cellulaze?

Cellulaze is the only minimally invasive laser procedure that attacks cellulite at a structural level with results after just one treatment. Cellulaze treats mild to moderate cellulite and it is backed by years of clinical research with studies showing it increases skin elasticity by 29% and skin thickness by 25% to flatten and smooth the surface of the skin.

The Cellulaze Procedure

The Cellulaze procedure is performed in office under local anesthesia with oral sedation or light IV sedation. Areas of cellulite are marked prior to treatment and very small incisions are made in the treatment area about the size of a pen tip. A small cannula fitted with the Cellulaze laser fiber is inserted and laser energy targets fibrous bands and excess fat while stimulating new production of collagen. The laser fiber may be turned so it is horizontal with the skin to break up tight septae holding down the skin and causing dimpling, and then 90 degrees up or down to target and break up fat.

Once septae have been severed, they do not grow back into the vertical pattern that is problematic for women.

The Cellulaze procedure is usually performed on both legs with each treatment area the size of a sheet of paper. Treatment takes one to two hours and only one treatment is needed for each treatment area.

Cellulaze Recovery

Cellulaze treatment has minimal recovery with most patients returning to work the next day. You will need to wear a compression garment for at least one week, and bruising and tenderness may be present for one to two weeks.

Most patients begin to see results within one to two weeks, with final results in up to six months when the body spikes in its production of elastin and collagen.

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Cellulaze Results

Most patients see an improvement in cellulite immediately, although further improvement takes place over months. Cellulaze offers long-term results.

Are You a Candidate for Cellulaze Treatment?

Cellulaze treatment works on all types of cellulite, although it provides the best results if there is not excessive skin laxity, or loose skin. The procedure offers the best results for cellulite that resembles a mattress or orange peel when you are standing, or if there are depressed or raised areas without loose skin.


How many Cellulaze treatments will I need?

You will only require one Cellulaze cellulite treatment to see results, which will improve over several months.

How long do Cellulaze results last?

Clinical studies show that results last for one year or more. Maintaining a healthy weight and diet and exercise regimen can help results last longer.

Does Cellulaze leave scars?

The incision sites are incredibly small — about the size of a pin point — so any scars will be very hard to notice.

How soon can I return to work after Cellulaze?

Most patients can return to work within a few days after Cellulaze cell

Cellulaze | Sarasota | Florida

Cellulite is a very stubborn problem for many individuals. Until now, most cellulite treatments have been minimally effective and attempts at diet and exercise typically fail to address cellulite as well. This is because cellulite is not simply caused by fat; it?s actually caused by a structural problem deep beneath the skin. In fact, cellulite occurs even in those who are young, physically fit and in shape.

There are several factors which may contribute to cellulite including aging, genetics, hormones and weight fluctuations. Cellulite occurs when the connective tissue bands beneath the skin stiffen and pull down on the skin while the surrounding fat cells swell and bulge up against the skin. This causes the hills and valleys that create that “cottage cheese” appearance.

Dr. Kreithen and his staff are pleased to offer a new revolutionary treatment for cellulite. Cellulaze from Cynosure is a minimally invasive procedure which effectively targets the structural problems beneath the skin responsible for cellulite. Cellulaze uses advanced laser technology to target the bulging pockets of fat and release the fibrous bands beneath the skin while also tightening the underlying tissue and skin.

Cellulaze in Sarasota | Florida

Dr. Kreithen performs the Cellulaze treatment in his AAAHC accredited outpatient surgery center using local anesthesia and light sedation (eg, oral and intramuscular medications). Tiny incisions are made and a small tube or cannula fitted with the Cellulaze laser fiber is inserted beneath the skin to treat the structural causes of cellulite. There is little downtime associated with the Cellulaze treatment. Mild bruising and discomfort may occur at the treatment sites and patients are asked to wear a compression garment for a period of time after treatment. Work and other normal activities can be resumed within several days, though more strenuous activity will need to be postponed for one to two weeks. Following treatment, the skin will appear smoother and healthier-looking and patients will see continued improvement for the next 3 to 12 months after treatment.

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