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Brow Lift

The Browlift is a surgical procedure designed to open up the eye area, reducing or eliminating the tired, angry look that comes from a drawn, creased forehead.  Sometimes referred to as a Forehead Lift, the procedure lifts the brow and removes excess tissue/weight from the upper eyelids.

Combining the Browlift with other procedures, such as an eyelid lift, can provide patients with optimal results, in one surgical appointment.  A natural looking, youthful appearance can be restored, eliminating years from a look.

The Browlift Procedure:

A Browlift procedure is performed in as an outpatient procedure, under general anesthesia.  While the surgery will generally take between one and two hours, this will depend on the requirements of an individual patient.  During the procedure, the hold of the muscles is released, smoothing an elongating their appearance.  The Eyebrows are lifted, as well, giving the face an awake, and refreshed appearance.

Several techniques are performed, tailoring the results for their specific needs. The Coronal Browlift, traditionally used by surgeons, begins with an incision in the scalp, running from ear to ear behind the hairline.

The Endoscopic Browlift utilizes a series of small incisions, always hidden within the scalp.  Scarring is well concealed behind the hairline; although both procedures may cause a slight elevation in the hairline.

Browlift - Patient - Before | Sarasota, FL
Browlift - Patient - After | Sarasota, FL
Individual results may vary.

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For patients with an elevated hairline, Dr. Holcomb has developed an innovative technique utilizes a small incision immediately behind the hairline, referred to as a Trichophytic Browlift.  During the procedure, the height of the forehead can remain the same.  Patients have the option to make the forehead smaller during the procedure, as well.

The incision for a Mid-Forehead Browlift is hidden in the horizontal crease of the forehead.  Often recommended for men with a receding hairline   Other types of Browlift can be utilized, depending on the specific needs of an individual patient.  These include the Direct Browlift, with an incision the upper eyebrow, and the Transbleph Browlift, employing an incision through the upper eyelid.

Recovery from a Browlift:

Patients should expect the recovery from a Browlift to take between one and two weeks.  Initially, there will swelling and bruising, but this will fade over the first few week after surgery.  Mild pain, tightness, and itching may be experienced.  Stitches will be removed in between five and seven days post operatively. Patients normally feel well enough to return to work in seven to fourteen days.  Strenuous exercise should be postponed for the first four to six weeks after the Browlift procedure.

Dr. Holcomb has extensive experience with the Browlift procedure. He is considered an expert in the field of facial rejuvenation, co-authoring several academic articles on the Browlift procedure.  Call our office at (866) 218-4810 or click here to schedule your Browlift consultation.  Located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, our office is convenient for patient traveling across the state, or across the country.

Lifting the brows can help open up the eye region, reducing or eliminating a tired or angry look. Browlift and upper eyelid lifts are often performed together — this enables more effective rejuvenation of the upper face while maintaining a natural appearance.

Patients with an elevated hairline can maintain or even lower their hairline with a special procedure that utilizes an incision just inside the hairline (trichophytic browlift).

In 2001 Dr. Holcomb co-authored a scientific article detailing the method and benefit of the hairline approach to browlift: Holcomb JD and McCollough, EG. Trichophytic approach to upper facial rejuvenation. Arch Fac Plast Surg 2001;3:48-53.

The traditional (coronal) approach utilizes an incision hidden farther back within the scalp and will generally cause slight elevation of the hairline. Yet another approach, the endoscopic browlift utilizes a series of smaller incisions hidden within the scalp and will also generally cause slight elevation of the hairline.

Other approaches for browlift include mid-forehead (incision hidden in horizontal forehead crease—often recommended for men with a receeding hairline), direct (incision hidden at upper edge of brows) and transbleph (through an upper eyelid incision).

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