Healite II is a phototherapy system that uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to improve cellular function and relieve pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. It delivers soothing, therapeutic light from light-emitting diode (LED) technology to safely target healing tissues without the possibility of physical trauma or thermal damage.

LLLT with Healite II is FDA-cleared for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasms; relieving stiffness; promoting the relaxation of muscle tissue; and temporarily increasing local blood circulation where applied. Many patients report a decrease in healing time.

The treatment is quick and convenient, and may take as little as fifteen minutes to perform. Healite II is non-invasive, safe for all skin types and is frequently used as an adjunctive enhancement for recovery with nearly any procedure. Ask about Healite II as a possible recovery treatment option for procedures you are considering at Holcomb-Kreithen Plastic Surgery & MedSpa.